I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country.

This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind

John G. Diefenbaker

Saturday, March 25, 2017

SANDY MACDOUGALL ... Most of all, there will be nobody left to invade the hearts, souls and minds

It's still quite early in the contest but, judging by the March 12 televised leadership debate on the replacement of Tom Mulcair at the helm of the federal NDP, the entire proceedings could become known as the bland leading the bland.

Even the traditional iconic bright orange party colour has been replaced by a washed out tangerine with an even duller gray background. Somehow it all seems symbolic as the federal NDP fades into history.

 There is no excitement. There are no headline-grabbing events. There is no attraction to the federal NDP for most Canadians.

As the party struggles to re-establish its credibility with Canadian voters, it has to bury a few hatchets left over from Mulcair's embarrassing loss to Justin Trudeau's surging Liberals in the 2015 federal election. It became even more embarrassing when, after stating he wanted to remain as party leader in the next federal election, Mulcair was defeated in 2016 in a confidence vote on his leadership; hence the current leadership campaign.

Candidates have until July 3 to file their nomination papers for the vote which is scheduled to begin Sept. 18.  Whatever possible gains the NDP might rack up during the leadership campaign, if the NDP party faithful can't drum up anymore enthusiasm than what we have seen to date, there won't be any NDP gains in public opinion -- or potential election poll results.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

SANDY MACDOUGALL: If that's non-alignment, then Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is a staunch Conservative

The following is typical of the responses I receive whenever I post anything remotely favourable to the current BC Liberal government. I am not a Liberal in any sense of the word but find any alternatives, particularly the NDP and John Horgan, unacceptable socially, fiscally, politically or in any other way.

Following John Horgan's recent announcement that he was going to share with us his own Leap Manifesto, during the election campaign, I decided to make a short, yet pointed, post.  After all, many would believe his parties lunatic, flip-flop policies will / would create countless casualties in the resource based industries of British Columbia.

So what did I have to say?
Let us begin. Let's cancel all resource based job creation initiatives. Let's stop the Site C dam. Let's pretend that the NDP actually does have enough fiscal knowledge to get their popcorn stand functioning. The problem will be that too many people will be moving to Alberta as that NDP government is defeated. And Horgan can play his organ for all the NDP monkeys

The principle respondent to my Facebook post was Peter Battistoni, who describes himself as normally non-aligned politically. You can judge for yourself.

Peter Battistoni
Working to re-elect an MLA you think is doing a good job for you is one thing, but vigorously promoting the BC Liberals is closing your eyes and willfully ignoring arrogance, corruption, waste and destruction of our Crown Corporations.

Brad Penner jumped in to say:
I think it's funny how upset people are getting over calling someone a "monkey".

If anyone can look at a recent lesson from federal politics, sometimes voting to get someone out ends up putting a useless fraud of a politician, who also is not going to do what they campaigned on, once in power.

Then you can really see first hand what the politics of voting "anyone but Clark/Harper" will do for your bottom line. I personally begrudgingly had to vote for Harper in federally not because I wanted him back, but because there was no plausible alternative. 

Many however voted for an unqualified, smooth talking "monkey" and now look what that has done.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

STEVE FORSETH -- Race To Become MLA, for the Cariboo North Riding, Grows to Four

This afternoon (March 21st), the race to become the 2017-21 MLA for Cariboo - North grew to four, with the introduction of Richard Jacques from the BC Green Party.  

Mr. Jacques, who hails from Prince George, also ran in the October 2015 Federal Election for the Green Party of Canada in the riding of Cariboo - Prince George; he was not successful in that election.

Richard Jacques, Cariboo - North
candidate for the BC Green Party
His bio from the BC Green Party website is as follows:

Richard is married and has 6 children, the two youngest are still at home, the rest are pursuing post-secondary educational studies. Richard is currently completing his British Columbia Teacher Certification through Faculty of Education at UBC.

After a tenure with the Manitoba Dept. of Corrections, Richard attended the RCMP Training Academy in Regina, Saskatchewan; he was later posted throughout the Province of British Columbia where he would spend many productive years in First Nations Community Policing. 

For his work on the Organizing Committees for the 1997 APEC Conference and the 2001 Summit of the Americas, Richard was awarded two Prime Minister's Commendation for Service. In 2002, Richard was a founding member of the Sacred Wolf Native Friendship Centre in Port Hardy, BC. The Centre, which still operates today provides child protection, healing, and mental wellness services for the surrounding Indigenous communities.

Monday, March 20, 2017

ALAN FORSETH ... Nearly every story written, about Legal Aid, always shows it in a crisis due to a lack of funding ... WHY?

For many years now, BC's legal aid system appears to be suffering from a shortage of finances, that would allow it to do the job it has tasked with.  That litany of financial shortages has been documented for many years, as this brief
listing of news stories reports.



Attorney-general rejects claims that BC legal-aid is in crisis (March 8th, 2011)

 Attorney-general Barry Penner has tossed cold water on a call for more government funding for legal aid ... a hard-hitting report found (legal aid) was failing to meet “even the most basic needs” of British Columbians.

... Mr. Doust recommended that the government should restore $47-million to legal aid services in order to bring funds to where they were in 2002 ... the gap between legal aid needs and services has grown into a wide chasm, resulting in human suffering and related social and economic costs borne by our community ... ”

Former Attorney-General of the day, Penner challenged the claims of Len Doust saying, "... I think legal aid works well for a significant number of people that require it.”   

Did you catch that wording? Works well for a 'significant number of people.  I don't know about you, however I'd be more inclined to believe Doust who has, according to the above mentioned Globe and Mail story detailed a ... 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

BC NDP Leader John Horgan likely had to choke on these words, he would have been required to say, following Lali's win today

Harry Lali, the former BC Transportation and Highways Minister, has been
Former BC NDP MLA and Cabinet Minister to
once again carry torch in Fraser Nicola riding
nominated  BC NDP candidate for the riding of Fraser-Nicola, in this Mays provincial general election.  The vote to elect him was held today (March 18th) at the Merritt Civic Centre, where he defeated
Lower Nicola Band chief Aaron Sam.

Previously elected four times as an MLA, Lali remains the longest-serving South Asian member in any Canadian provincial legislature or federal parliament.

Lali was elected MLA for the riding of Yale - Lillooet in 1991 and 1996, including a role as the Minister of Transportation and Highways from 1998 to 2001.

The following election, he choose not to run, however he returned to Victoria in 2005 for the Yale Lillooet riding, and was re-elected again in the 2009 election in the new riding of Fraser Nicola.  Lali was not so lucky next time out as he was defeated by the Cache Creek Liberal candidate Jacki Tegart.

Some will also recall that Lali did not win any friends, with those at the top of the NDP, following a caucus revolt in 2010, which he was part of. 

READERS VIEWPOINTS: "The BC Liberals ironically fit the definition of a socialist government perfectly despite what they claim"

Former Canadian Member of Parliament (MP) Paul Forseth:
A better question is to ask if one understands the deeper pathology of NDP reasoning, which brings NDP type governments in the end to hurt a lot of people, especially those in lower earning area, when the NDP inevitably ruins the local economy.

The BC Liberals ironically fit the definition of a socialist government perfectly despite what they claim. 

The carbon tax, market interference (i.e., 15% foreign buyers tax), competing directly with the private sector (i.e., ICBC, liquor stores), using government funds to prop up private sector businesses (E-drive, etc.), massive unneeded make-work projects (i.e., Site C), etc. The list is endless. 

Agreed that the BCNDP needs to come up with a positive platform based on the future rather than the past. Once the full platform is released, let's judge it then

DIETER DUDY -- It's All About Respect -- or conversely -- Feel Free to Disagree ... But Do It With Dignity

I will freely admit that at times I have a hard time restraining myself, when it comes to the choice of words I use when writing a post.  In fact, many time it will take several rewrites to tone things down.  I like to think it's because I am passionate about what I believe -- and that of course I am right -- ie: my opinion is the correct one :)

Well the truth is, I'm not always right, and so care in the way I should handle things is important (but not always followed 100% of the time). 

That's why yesterday (March 16th), I was delighted to see a short post by Dieter Dudy.  I asked permission to share it here with you, and so here it is:

We all have our own opinions regarding many, many issues that we encounter on a daily basis. These opinions are often at odds with others and yet we have the right to communicate them passionately and with conviction. What we should never do however is make it personal by denigrating the other individual or group's opinion. It diminishes what we have to say as well as how we are seen by others.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

"What do you have to say about this? And please answer in plain speak, not political jargon"

BC Premier Christy Clark -- (Gov BC website photo)

When a political party has been in power as long as the BC Liberals have been, I think it is safe to say those at the top begin to worry about how long they can stay their -- after all, everything should / does have a best before date.

So do the Christy Clark BC Liberals really care about British Columbians? 

Some, perhaps, would say "NO ... not really".  Except to the extent that they can fleece us of our hard earned pay, and then spin it into self-congratulatory advertising to let us know about how wonderful they ... oooops I mean the government is.

Again, some perhaps would wonder if there is any other way to look at the situation, other than to say that our hard-earned money is being wasted by the government --- for self-congratulatory advertising.

My disappointment for the questionable way they bombard us with advertising, which anyone could easily mistake for a Liberal campaign ad, knows no bounds.  It's our money after all.

Is it a flagrant disregard for everything, and anything, that nearly all would consider right, fair, and honorable?

Let me say this ... if this is how low the BC Liberals have decided it's safe for them to stoop, then perhaps it justly is time for them to go.  That they can, and are able to, get away with this shows what I believe to be a lack of scruples, and misguided judgement on what is right and wrong.

BEN BESLER ... The NDP are nothing more than a “punch drunk” party with policies from the 1970s ... BUT, are the BC Liberals really a “free-enterprise” party as they claim?

Are the BC Liberals better than the NDP? This was a question asked by Alan Forseth in a previous post.

This is always a fair question and needs to be asked of any government, no matter how long they have been in power.

I do have another question, mind you; and perhaps you dear reader could help me better understand. My question is whether or not Christy Clark's BC Liberals are really a “free-enterprise” party as they claim?  Make sense of this:

A cap-and-trade Carbon Tax brought in by the alleged conservative led administration of Gordon Campbell.

Or, the latest term beginning with the raising of the minimum wage - to the highest rate in confederation at that.

Or, a new stat holiday that was introduced, then off set one week from the other holidays taken on our continent, creating difficulties in both the National and International marketplace.

Or, to the latest discussion of appropriate shoes for women to wear in the work place.

Now, you may consider all these issues an important exercise in progress, or

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

JOHN TWIGG -- She is a pillar of integrity and honesty and decency, she's also one hell of a political warrior, and her presence here will be missed

Retiring Delta South MLA
Vicki Huntington

There will be no Vicki Huntington in the BC Legislature after the May 9th general election.  The Delta South MLA, who won victory twice as an Independent, announced several weeks back this will be her last term

John Twigg, a former journalist who specialized in covering the BC legislature, came to appreciate Ms Huntington's insightful comments, and pointed questions, whenever she had an opportunity to make them, as well as her excellent responsiveness to constituents' concerns.

"I've been watching the B.C. Legislature for about 50 years now and Vicki is by far the best Independent MLA I've ever seen," said Twigg, comparing her constructive contributions to the work of Oak Bay Conservative MLA Dr. Scott Wallace in the 1970s.

The great value of Huntington's service also was noted in the Legislature by veteran NDP MLA Leonard Krog, who stood spontaneously and broke some rules to give her a glowing tribute: "...if this was the quality of MLA that was elected to every Legislature in this great country, we would indeed be able to say, with absolute confidence, that this is the greatest nation on the face of the earth."